Friday, March 11, 2011

March 11

First off, I need to say that I'm sending out prayers to those who are suffering from the giant earthquake in Japan and the resulting tsunami. The earth is rumbling around, isn't it? There was an article about the fact that on March 19th the moon will be the closest it has ever been to the earth in it's orbit and it will be a beautiful full moon. So go out and get a lovely look. That article also stated the author's worry about the effects of the moon's pull on the earth, but I read somewhere years ago that the moon was closer to the earth in the past and has been slowly moving away. Therefore if damage was to be done, it would have already happened, right?
I don't get into politics here, but someone said to me yesterday that the world, including our country, with all it's unrest, earthquakes, animals dying, etc. seems to be in big trouble. The truth is that the world has always been filled with unrest, earthquakes, mass extinctions, etc. But today we get the news instantly and with much drama to drive up ratings. What we once would have never heard about, or heard about days or weeks later is now a second away.
The answer to all this trouble? Living in the moment. This moment, right now, today. Making the right choices for this moment, right now, today. Right now, I'm sitting in the sunshine watching the snow melt. Today I will make small choices that will help my writing career-like writing at least 100 words. I will drink water, eat fruits and veggies, and I will go for a long walk. Small choices in my moments to live the creative life I want. Small choices don't dismiss or ignore the big problems of the world, but they prevent you from being overwhelmed by it all.
Have a great weekend my friends. Be safe~


  1. Nancy, yes, I agree. The world goes in cycles and the human spirit survives and evolves through these cycles. The more traumatic the cylce, the stronger the human spirit is after wards. Judy (South Africa)

  2. You're right! The world has been ending for a very long time. Look at how the Romans lived - that surely should've been the end, because they were incredibly immoral. The earth survived the great flood. I doubt we're witnessing the end, but if we are, I'm glad I'm good to go when it happens.

  3. What kind of veggies did you have? I got a hold of some wonderful organic carrots and had them with supper. Nom nom nom.

  4. Thanks for the info re. the moon on the 19th. I hope it'll be the same in the UK. It is the same moon after all. You're so right about there having been cycles of troubles and extinctions in the past but none of us like to think that this world we know and love will ever change so radically.

    I like that idea of small choices. I'd like to try doing that but I keep getting pulled along into other people's maelstroms right now. Maybe tomorrow...

  5. Hi All,
    Thanks for the great comments.
    Judy, what a wonderful way to look at it.
    L. Diane, so true!
    THW - I luv organic carrots. yum!
    Rosalind, I hope the weather is such that you can see the moon.