Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March 30

I am feeling better. Well, at least I reached the point where I'm done being sick and have decided that I feel better. LOL - Do you do that?
I just finished reading Sarah Addison Allen's "The Girl Who Chased The Moon." It came out a year ago, but I love her books. They are stories set in small towns in the south with magical characters, who make the ordinary special. I was a little disappointed in the "boy who glowed" - what with the Twilight series so big. (No he's not a vampire.) But the rest was precious. And to be honest her first book, "Garden Spells" ran very close to the story line of the movie, "Practical Magic." So she is in the habit of rewriting stories currently in movies. I forgive that and truth be told, wish I could get away with it. If you want to bring a little joy and magic into your life. Read any of her three books, Garden Spells, The Sugar Queen and The Girl who Chased The Moon. Cheers~


  1. Glad you're feeling better. Just this weekend I was all puny, but my hubby wanted me to go to a birthday party with him, so I decided I was going to feel better. Kinda worked!

    Thanks for the book reco!

  2. Hi Linda, I hope you are feeling better! Thanks for stopping by~ Cheers!