Thursday, May 12, 2011

May 12

Today is the last deadline day for my Master's program. I have a research paper due on my genre and where my thesis novel fits. I am nearly done. Yes!

The weirdest thing. Remember how the robin began to build a nest near my back door? Well, when I went away, he stopped. Today is the first day I am back home to stay and guess what? He started building the nest again. I think he knows I'm home and wants to continue our little battle. Isn't that odd? Hmmm.

We have sunshine again today. It is hot and humid here. So the air-conditioning is on. Funny how we have less than a day or two of weather where we are not using the heater or the air conditioner. I keep both set at very conservative temperatures. A person would think there would be more time between needing to use one or the other.

How are things where you live?


  1. Last deadline day for your masters? Seems like just the other day you started it!

    Cold, overcast and miserable here. Winter settling in. :(
    Judy, South Africa

  2. Hi Judy- yes, it has gone fast!

    I will send you pictures of our summer to help counter the winter blues. Cheers~