Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 31

Everything is behind this week. The long holiday weekend took me up to see my parents in their lovely new home. We wandered the woods admiring the blue and white forget-me-nots and the trillium- carpets of flowers. We saw cranes and bald eagles, loons, ducks, crayfish, chipmonks, deer, porcupine, etc. The world is teaming with wildlife. It is hard to remember that living in the suburbs-even with my small woods and all the critters that inhabit it. I heard this is a bad year for ticks so we kept an eye on that. The mosquitoes nearly picked my Mom up and flew away with her. Here we thought we wouldn't need bug spray if we walked along the road. Ha!
I hope to get back into the swing of writing and blogging tomorrow. Tell me what you did on your holiday? Curious minds want to know. Cheers~


  1. I actually wrote six chapters in my new book this weekend!

  2. YAY!! Congrats~ six chapters are a lot. You should be proud of that much work. Cheers~