Monday, May 16, 2011

May 16

Last Friday- the 13th- blogger was down and having troubles so I did not blog. We had a cool and wet weekend so no gardening got done. I feel so far behind, now. Silly I know but I like a certain order to things. Even if I'm tired, I like things to get done on certain days so that they don't pile up and get away from me.
Do you do that?
As a writer I've found that creating my own deadlines and establishing a routine to sit at the computer really helps to keep me on track and focused on the job at hand. Some people write in the early mornings. Some write during kid's nap time. Some write late at night once the household has gone to bed. The point is to find your best writing time and keep up the habit of showing up every day. It really makes a difference in the quality of your writing.


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