Thursday, May 19, 2011

May 19

I think the robin has decided to build its nest in the tree where a certain broom-waving human won't ruin all his hard work. They certainly put up a good fight. The Mallard ducks have a nest in the woods. I've seen the pair sitting, but no sign of babies. We chased the coyote off a few days ago- so perhaps the ducks abandoned the nest or Wylie E. is waiting for the ducklings like he did last year. It's rough out there for the critters, but somehow they manage to come back every year and have a new family. I haven't seen the deer since the big blizzard I hope they survived. They are most likely enjoying the young shoots in the farmer's fields and leaving the wild plants in the woods for later. I know I would. I've also seen a tiny little turtle and our big fat garden snake-not in the same place thank goodness. The frogs sing every night. Spring is a beautiful thing.


  1. Nancy you are so right, spring is a beautiful thing indeed!

  2. There are green shoots of corn starting to bug in the field surrounding my house. Spring is just so fresh and new!

  3. Hi Marty, Hi Linda,

    I hope you are both enjoying your weather. They have a saying here, Linda. Corn needs to be knee high by the 4th of July. :) Cheers~