Friday, May 6, 2011

May 6

Since I no longer blog on weekends, I want to say Happy Anniversary to my parents - May 7th. Fifty-one years is a lifetime. Your dedication and love is amazing. I love you.

Update: News on the yearly robin nest building saga. This year the robin built a nest under the deck-which is still 10 ft. off the ground. I thought yay no more fighting with him building a nest next to the back door. Then I went out two days ago and there are robins eggs smashed on the patio below the deck. Sad. I wonder what got into them? Now this morning, I opened the back door and there were nesting materials on the deck floor. Then I looked up and yes, they were building a nest right next to the door. Sigh. I got out my broom and knocked it down. I can't have them dive bombing me every time I let the dog out. Let the battle begin...

I love Spring~ Hope your weekend is wonderful. Cheers~

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