Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May 4

There is a sign in my office window that says "Beware! Guard Bichon Frise on duty." LOL Little dog likes to think she is a good guard dog. She lets me know when anyone is in the back or the woods. This is not helpful if said people are yard workers or kids. But is helpful when I'm not aware of someone coming to the door. She has decided that she sort of likes riding in the bike basket and now does not want to walk even a half mile. She'd rather ride. But the point was she needs to walk but being small with genetically bad knees, she should not walk/run farther than a mile. Thus the basket because I want to go farther. We are having a bit of a tiff about when she gets to ride and how far. It is a pain and I'd as soon leave her home, but then I'd still have to walk her. Perhaps if I stay consistent she'll finally settle into a routine of some sort.
Writing can be like that- it's always rough when you start out. But if you remain consistent about when and how long you put your bum in chair- you will get a story done.
What do you do for exercise now that the weather is somewhat better?

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  1. I love the thought of your dog in the bike basket. She sounds like she's trying to be dominant. I remember from dog training that you have to tell her what she does and she'll respect that. I love your analogy with writing. I think it's an analogy for life. You can't beat having a routine.