Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July 19

I have joined Google+. It is a new social network meant to out do Facebook. I like it because you can keep private matters private and yet still have social friends from all over the world. It is slow going as I have yet to figure out how to add people. I was lucky to have a mutual friend add me and then I went through her friends and added people that way. I hope in time to master this new network. I like to keep on top of new things happening on the web. It keeps the brain from getting rusty and helps keep my writing current and my friends in touch. I really enjoy Facebook and only regret the lack of privacy. As an author, you are a public figure, and everything you do on the web must be carefully thought out. But then again, now that the web is so prevalent in everyone's lives, I suppose the best thing for everyone to do is to always act as if your Grandmother is watching. Don't do or say anything that you wouldn't want her to hear.
What is your motto when working on the web?
(If you are on Google+, add me.) Cheers~


  1. I haven't tried google+ yet. I guess I'm in that "I don't wanna sign into yet ANOTHER social site; I can't even keep up in the ones I'm already in" mood. But if I hear it's better than everything else--like from you!--then I suppose I'll be a lemming and join along too. You're right; a writer has to keep on top of new web things.

    The Grandma theory works for me, though I'm sure I've aleady said something somewhere I wouldn't want someone else to see. Sigh. Sometimes that big mouth of mine just won't shut up.

  2. LOL- Linda, I, too, tend to blurt things out from time to time that make people go- What?! It's hard to be good all the time.
    I'll keep you posted on Google+. Cheers~