Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 5

I've been home a week. I tell myself it is time to get up and get back to work. To soldier on- school is done. Degree in hand. Now put it to use.
The small child in me says, no. I'm hot. I just did a big thing. I deserve ice cream and naps...and ice cream. :)
I rewarded my inner child with books. I purchased my good friend Erica O'Raucke's debut YA novel, Torn and my dear friend Vicki Thompson's latest Gaslight mystery. They arrived today. I will use them as the carrot to get me back into the swing of social media and writing. If you get X number of words done, then you get your treat. :)
Life is about motivation, right?


  1. Hey it is just like getting your degree - great motivation.

  2. Sounds like good motivation to me!