Wednesday, July 20, 2011

July 20

The other day I saw geese flying in a V heading south. I thought- already? It's a little early considering the heat wave and all. But then I realized that the lakes are very low right now. Perhaps they are looking for a place with more water resources.
Another strange bit- my magnolia tree is blooming again. It is not supposed to bloom twice, but suddenly I have big pink flowers at the very top of it. Meanwhile the cherry trees and the neighbor's birch trees are all losing leaves as if it is late September.
I think perhaps we are in some sort of climate change. The plants and animals are confused.
Meanwhile, the wood chipper guys are out creating as much noise as possible as they clean up the piles and piles of debris left by last week's storm.
The view from my window is close-the-blinds hot and I'm enjoying a bowl of cherries for breakfast.
How are you dealing with your season? Cheers~


  1. The seasons upon The Planet Of The Insane Apes all require "Dealin' with," I'm groovin' along about the level of Socrates.

  2. Staying inside here. My daughter keeps bringing my shoes, letting me know she wants to go outside, but I keep telling her its too hot out there. Poor kid.

  3. Hi Tor, thanks for the comment- I'm groovin' along, too~ :)

    Hi Linda, I know it is hotter there. It is hard for little ones to understand. Give her a hug for me!