Thursday, July 28, 2011

July 28

My blogger friend Anita made a great comment the other day that what gets her back into writing mode from edit mode is bum in chair and just doing it. I agree~ When I say I'm having problems starting it's because I'm only able to scrap out five or six pages a day when I usually easily do ten or more. So for me it's not bum in chair as much as finding the place where you are so lost in story that pages flow without any thought. I love that feeling. I'm still waiting for it. Meanwhile I'm bum in chair and the partial for my agent is almost ready. I think it might help if I continue on with writing this book instead of waiting. I trust that the more days I hack away, the better my chances of finding the zone.
So, do you work in a zone? Or do you simply give yourself a page count or word count and stick it out until you're done? Or are you the kind of writer who writes whatever comes to you that day with no thought to deadline? Inquiring minds want to know.


  1. Hey, thanks for the shout-out! Right now, I'm writing for the MFA and doing a little bit of "other" writing every day. When I can get in the chair a bit every day, I find complete novels in Word a couple times a year. (and I think--fingers crossed--that each one gets better)

  2. I have never wrote pages and pages in one sitting. It's just so difficult for me. I have to set a word count and stick to it.

  3. Hi Anita, so you have a time frame you sit in~ I used to do that.
    Hi Clarissa, sounds like word count works for you.
    For me, It's page count~ I hit my goal today, for all my complaining. lol. Cheers~

  4. I think I'm a zoner too. If the muse isn't striking, it's like I have to gag and choke on the words to spit them out. If I'm in the zone, my fingers just can't type fast enough.

  5. Oh, Linda, boy do I understand the gag and choke. LOL. Funny how we are all different and yet all the same in so many way. Thanks for stopping by. Cheers~