Monday, July 4, 2011

July 4

Happy Independence Day, USA! When I went bicycling around my neighborhood, I was struck by the numbers of empty houses and houses for sale. I was surprised by the lawns that have grown filled with weeds because the economy is still not right. People can't afford the upkeep or they just don't care. The price of gas is more than double what it was when we moved here. The price of houses have been cut by hundreds of thousands. We live in a community meant for up and coming families, laughter, lakes and the American dream. But now boats sit idle in driveways as neighbors can't afford the gas to use them. Houses aren't selling because the big corporations in the area are no longer employing new people or transferring workers. The price of gas which made our little subdivision out in the middle of nowhere affordable has made it a ghost town. People just leave. There are five houses that have been for sale for over 18 months. Nice homes in a nice neighborhood. Two empty houses on my cul de sac alone. A woman drove by with her tiny blonde-haired daughter in the back seat. The window was down and the little girl waved a small American flag. Last century things were so bad we were once promised a chicken in every pot. Now we've only lost luxury things- boats, McMansions, etc. There are people who would have you think we live in the end of times, but I think of that little girl and her waving American flag. I think of the men and women who fight for us every day-Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, police, firefighters and I think that we still live in the best of times. Cheers~

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