Monday, April 13, 2009

April 13

The view from my window is a study in gray and brown. The sky is completely clouded over-the clouds mottled in color from gray to ash blue. The trees are a line of bare brown around the mirror silver lake. The lake itself ripples in the strong wind. Trees rock. The grass on the banks is a funny yellow green as it tries to wake up from its winter nap. The French pussy willow has gone from white buds to yellow leaflets. It is the only sign of real spring. A fat robin sits, hunkered down in the swaying bare branches of the ash tree. All is quiet save the howl of the wind as once again cold seeps into the earth.


  1. You certainly had a beautiful way with words. I like how you can make such a lovely scene out a drizzy, gray day.

  2. Guess we see the world through similar eyes. To me, a dreary, grey day is beautiful and so much more interesting that the mundane cloudless, sunshiney days.