Saturday, April 4, 2009

April 4-what me worry?

A dear friend asked me what I was writing these days. I was truthful-nothing. Messing with revisions while I wait to hear from editors and agents on the 5 books I have out. Then she kindly nudged me... "Do you have a second book idea for when that Harlequin Intrigue you just hammered out sells?"

"What? A second book idea...?" I answered. I just finished the first book and beside they never buy my stuff...

"When they buy that book, they're going to want to see a second book. Then maybe a series," she went on to say. "Did your hero have a brother?"

Well, crap. No. The hero had no family and in the first book I killed off all his team members. He was literally the last man standing... now what? I need to do some research and figure out what I can do for a second book. Just in case...

And if I sell all five books I have out now? Well, you may not see me for a long time because there will be five option books to write... panic? me? panic? Naw- I don't believe it will happen... And if it does? After the horrified laughter and giddy joy-I'll think of something. I always do.


  1. Would never want to wish a panic attack on you Nancy...still, I can't help but wish that all five books sell.

    And...that the editors ask for immediate sequels!

  2. Thanks, Martin!! Wouldn't that be a lark? ;)

  3. You deserve it. You work like a fiend! I'm confident it'll all pay off very soon.