Sunday, April 19, 2009

April 19

Someone said they were impressed that I was able to blog everyday. To which I replied, blogging everyday isn't hard-I'm a talker- it's trying to ensure I say something interesting that's tough!

The thing about blogging is it can be used for various purposes-1) to inform and entertain-something I try to use my Sunday blog. For example this month's Sunday Blogs are devoted to the Query letter- ( 2) blogs can be a way to keep in touch with family, friends and readers. I use my website blog this way. I get notes asking me when my next book is out. What takes so long between books, etc. So, I use this blog as my daily note-to let you know what I'm working on. How life gets in the way of work. What the view is from my window, etc. I use it as a glimpse into the working writer's life. 3) blogs are often used as advertisement-buy my book-release date now!- join my network- etc. I'm not so much into the advertising side of blogging. But I hear it works for some people.

By the by- I received another query letter rejection with a form letter from an agent. This time they said they were too busy with current clients... So, if you're keeping track- All of the snail mail queries have been replied to while the e-mail queries are running two thirds reply- one third ignore. Interesting-no?

Happy Sunday everyone!


  1. I much prefer the email queries, myself.

    Keep on querying (I have a feeling you will!)! It really is a matter of timing as much as anything else.

  2. Thanks for the stats on email vs. snail mail. Maybe they figure if you're going to include an SASE they'd better use it? I've started to compile my agent list, and many of them said they don't reply to email queries unless they're interested. Still, it would be nice to know they're not getting caught in spam filters, wouldn't it?

  3. Yes- it would be nice. Some agents do have auto-reply set up. So that when you e-query they let you know that at the minimum your query went through. (2 of the 16 I e-queried did this.)

  4. I love the peeks you give us into a working writer's life Nancy!

    And :( on the form rejection. Very interesting that all snail mail queries were actually answered. I tend to go with email queries because of the distance and cost of posting, but it is nice to actually get a reply, even if it is "no" (somehow brings more closure!)

    Good luck with your other 5 books out looking for a home!

  5. I'm impressed you can blog every day too. I'm not talkative and find writing easier than talking, but it's still hard for me to focus enough to write something intelligible every day. Lulu