Tuesday, April 7, 2009

April 7

It is nearly a full moon out- today or tomorrow. Funny how we don't think about having a connection to the moon, but we do. Just like the tides of the great oceans. Ask anyone who has to work during a full moon week. People get weird. Not werewolf weird, but weird all the same.

Imagine if we ever do break free from our little world, what it would be like to feel no pull or tug of gravity or the tides. What long term effects would it have on the human psyche? Not to mention long term effects on the reproduction cycle- all influenced by the moon.

What if we manage to go through space and colonize a planet with two moons? How would that mess with our heads? Our hormones?

Sci fi writers have a field day- As for me, I'm comforted knowing we are part of a system so much larger than our little individual lives.


  1. Beautiful musings about my favorite celestial body. I've been in love with the Moon since I can remember. Never tire of looking at it. On the less romantic, scientific side it's been recently theorized that life as we know it might be impossible for us here on Earth...without our Luna. We should all think of that next time we gaze up, in wonder.

  2. I wonder how it would affect women - you know!

    My mother worked for DMV for years and swore the weirdoes did indeed come out around the full moon!

    L. Diane Wolfe