Tuesday, April 28, 2009

April 28

Sun is shining today and it is cool out. I prefer cool out, really. I swear it gets over 70 degrees and I swell up like a hot air balloon. Perhaps it's a good thing I live north of the Mason/Dixon line.

News on the street is that while-yea!- the romance market is up by 30 some percent, the publishers are being stingy when it comes to buying. They are not expanding lines. They are not looking for new authors or new stories. They are holding their profits close to their chests and waiting to see what happens to the rest of the economy. From a business perspective, there are two ways to go in this market-expand or hold tight. As a writer of genre fiction, I'm always hopeful a publisher will expand when the market demand increases. This will mean more work for me. But as a business person, I can't blame the publishers if they hold tight and keep an eye on things. These are interesting times we live in... cheers!


  1. I think everyone is holding position this year - next year will be better!

    And I prefer cold weather as well - can't stand humidity. Unfortuanately, I live in hot, humid eastern NC!

    L. Diane Wolfe

  2. Interesting times indeed! Romance up 30%?! Actually now that I think of it my mom-in-law mentioned she'd read an article in the Cape Times saying the romance industry is going strong because in these tough times people want to read feel-good books. So the stats seem to prove that.

  3. Movie attendance has dramatically increased, too. People want escapism right now, just as they did in the 1930s.

    Money is tight for almost everyone, and yet I was a guest at a comic book convention this past weekend which did great business in attendance. My own book sales were very good, too.

    I certainly see a hopeful light appearing in the not-so-far distance.