Wednesday, April 8, 2009

April 8

It's Wednesday and this week is flying by. I am amazed by the amount of time it takes to tackle my to-do list. Between writing blogs, keeping up with reading my friends wonderful blogs, facebook, twitter, queries, revisions and a couple of other things there is as they say- major time suckich going on...

I know I have a tendency to do too much at once, but my brain is like a crow flitting from branch to branch going-"oooh, look, shiny... no wait-shinier!"

I was thinking about why I try to stuff so much stuff into my life- I think it's because I want to live as much life as possible. I don't want to miss anything. Still, perhaps I should learn from my dogs and just lie still in a patch of sunlight, breath in and out and know that this moment- this bit of life- is worth experiencing fully without thought for the next shiny bit.


  1. I can identify with that!

    I go and go and do and do until I hit a moment when I just have to stop - and then I lie around for an hour or so, just like your dogs. And it's kinda nice...

    L. Diane Wolfe

  2. Sometimes it's so hard to tell myself to shut down, relax and do nothing.

    I guess it's because writing and marketing are more fun to me than lots of other things.

    Morgan Mandel

  3. It's interesting, while I was going through clippings, I came across an article talking about what life would be like if we lived more slowly, at a normal human pace, had time to spend with our families and friends, to walk instead of drive - how much more natural and satisfying a life that would be.

    The article was from 1996, and think how much things have sped up even since then!