Friday, April 17, 2009

April 17

I think its interesting how I procrastinate- clean house, read blogs, read friends updates on Facebook and Twitter, answer phones, walk on the treadmill. Then when I am certain I'm ready to work on the revisions- poof- the computer starts having issues. I get mad- frustrated that I can't work. Start pacing and shaking my fists. And yet, if I had simply started on the revisions first- I might have gotten something done before the computer guy has to hijack my computer for five hours.

So it is completely my own fault that the revisions I had hoped to have done by today are only a third of the way through. Yes, I've gotten phone calls and other interruptions. But I don't put the revisions first. Why? I don't know. I love the story. I don't mind polishing it to make it better. Perhaps-*she smiles a small smile and shakes head*- perhaps I simply like the drama of working up to the last moment.

What about you? When you have something you want to get done-do you simply do it? Or do you find yourself putting it off until the last moment?


  1. I tend to leave my writing work to last as well, simply because it's usually the largest chunk and I like to whack off as much of my list as possible early in the day.
    And anyone who thinks working at home is a breeze and that there's no interuptions is nuts! Now I know why some authors hide in a cabin for two months to complete their work...

    L. Diane Wolfe

  2. When I'm contracted for a story, and the deadline approaches, I do tend to wait as long as I safely can to begin the actual writing.

    I'm not really putting it off...I've learned that all the while my subconscious is already working hard on it for me, so when I'm ready to begin the words and ideas flow much easier.

    I don't recommend this method to everyone, but it works for me.