Tuesday, March 10, 2009

March 10

The day after... the rough draft of the book is done. Today is my day off. It's soggy out-rain and fog. Sump pump goes on and off keeping the basement dry. I can hear geese flying in and off the lake. Some ice still floats on top of the water. I saw a muskrat dive under it. How do they stay warm? Robins, red wing black birds, finch, sparrows are all twitter-patted. Singing and fighting for territory rights. Good news-the French pussy willow tree has fat white buds on it. The birch tree has round red buds. My nose itches.

Time for allergy meds, lazing on the couch catching up on books and movies. Tomorrow...revisions. The circle of a writer's life.

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  1. Hi Nancy,

    I tried posting this as Open ID, but I clearly don't know what that is, because I couldn't make it work.

    It's still so cold where I live--literally below freezing by quite a fair bit--that I, a middle-aged woman, can walk on 1-foot deep snow without my feet going through! That's how much it's snowed this winter, and how compacted it is. My dog was lifting her feet on her walk this morning. She only does that when it's several degrees below freezing.