Saturday, March 14, 2009

March 14

It's Saturday and while warm sunshine streams through my window there is ice on the deck. I know this because the little dog-Gracie Boo Boo- would not go down the steps and I went out to encourage her with bare feet. It's cold out there. :)

I got seven pages from the end of my book yesterday when I did something to my back-maybe it was all the sitting-maybe it was the fact that I started stair stepping last week along with my usual walking and yoga- who knows but I am breathing in and out today. And my daughter pried my pain curled fingers off the lap top and told me to just let it go... seven pages from the end. sigh. But I can't sit. I'm standing as I type this and can't do that very long either-crazy.

Long story short will do the last seven pages in stages this weekend and will mail the book out on Monday. Can you say obsessive compulsive? ;)


  1. Yikes! I do know the feeling... I hurt my back from using a stair stepper years ago. Now, I just climb stairs and avoid that Godawful machine. =(