Thursday, March 19, 2009

March 19

The truth about the book business is that it is slow. Sometimes maddeningly slow from an author's point of view. But I try to understand. Editors and agents get hundreds of submissions a day and we all know how some days you get behind due to meetings, conferences, etc. It can set you back. Imagine reading hundreds of story bits a day-on top of the 50 page partials and the up to 500 page full manuscripts you've requested. Now, after that you have to read your current authors' works, edit revisions, meet with editors if you're an agent, if you are an editor you need to keep track of your editorial schedule, your production schedule, marketing, business updates... etc.

So, while we authors wait and twiddle our thumbs- these people work through mountains of stuff. My solution is always to write another book-which only adds to their mountain. Hmmmm maybe it's time to get a hobby for the down times. Suggestions?

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  1. I never really have those "down times", as I very rarely write anything on spec. My work is always contracted before I begin, so I generally know what I'll be writing from week to week.

    Personally, though, I see nothing at all wrong with your adding to the editor's manuscript mountain. It's their job, after all, and they wouldn't be working if it wasn't for writers like us.

    Bottom line, I guess, is to pursue your passion.