Sunday, March 1, 2009

March 1- announcement

Yea!- new month. Spring officially begins this month. I have some news. Remember the proposal I sent out in January? (I sent out two. This is the first one- a proposed Intrigue for Harlequin.) I received a letter in yesterday's mail asking for a full...

A full- no revisions. Um, what? I read it again. Yes. They liked the proposal and want to read the full. Please send.

Only, um, the full is not written. The last two times I've sent something to H/S-they sent me revisions letters. I revised-resent- got a call from the editor and talked about what they wanted. She was disturbed to note that I had written the full-because then they couldn't revise without a lot of work. And eventually, they did reject the revised proposal. So this time- I merely wrote the proposal...and of course they want...THE FULL.

Usually this is not good. People take so long to write a full that the editor forgets and the writer gets discouraged. But I'm in the habit of writing- a lot...on deadline. So, deadline is set for March 15th- to have book complete, revised and on it's way. Which means less blogging and social networking, but hey- it really is all about the story telling. Right? Gotta go. Cheers!


  1. Delurking to say fantastic news Nancy! good luck with the deadline, I'm sure you'll do it!! :)

  2. A full novel in 15 days? Yikes!

    You could give Walter Gibson a run for his money back in the days when he was writing THE SHADOW mystery novels, over 100,000 words a month!

    Best of luck and keep us posted if you can spare a moment here or there.

    We're all pulling for you.