Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March 18

It's been a while since I described the view from my window.

The snow is gone. The lake shows no signs of the thick ice that covered it just two weeks ago. Today it is a smooth plate of dark silver, reflecting the black tree branches and the hazy white light of the low sun. Right now there are fifteen geese swimming in the center. But soon they will be joined by five times that many. A pair of Mallard ducks stick to the edge, searching for a good place to build a nest. The French pussy willow's white buds grow fatter everyday. But the grass along the banks is still yellow brown. The trees still bare. They know that it is only March and that we had snow as late as May last year. Still the air is full of bird song- honking geese, quaking duck, twittering sparrow, call of the robin. The air smells of warming earth and new beginnings.

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