Wednesday, March 4, 2009

March 4

Love this date- It's so active. I was told that yesterday's date was a square root day- 03/03/09- and there won't be another until 04/04/16. Funny how people think of dates.

So far the great race to finish the book is on. My fingers grow numb. My bum is even numb-er. But the story is going. By the end of today I will have written 100 pages in 5 days. Only 100 pages to go after that...

Sure, it's daunting and a teeny tiny voice in my head screams nooo, you can't dooo it. But I sit down and write-one page at a time.

I do panic sometimes. Like last night as I was trying to sleep...I thought about that second proposal I sent out in January-for a single title Regency set historical... if I get a request for a full on that- I'll have 300 pages to write. Maybe when I'm done with this book, I should start in on that... I don't want to make a habit out of the 20 page a day rush... It really is a little too much.


  1. Keep going - you can do it! I don't know if you even need a male reader, but I am willing to help.