Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March 31

It's the last day of March- and for us it seemed to be lion, lamb, lion... we have rain on our snow today. With talk of more snow to come. I'm not surprised. Last year we had snow in May- and I find I've become more tolerant of the white stuff since I'm not driving in it. I do worry for the Magnolia buds-wonder if they have frozen. It would be a shame to miss them this year.

Question for today- do you read more in certain seasons? Summer beach books, winter cozy by the fire books? Or are you a constant book in every room kind of reader?


  1. I read constantly, no matter the season.

    Used to be that I'd rarely find the time to read anything that wasn't for research, but I've managed to finally break that sordid habit.

    Now I make a point to read either a short story, some poems, a comic book, or a few chapters from a novel before retiring every night. I think it keeps me charged up creatively and gives my subconscious something to munch on while I'm asleep.

    Nothing makes a writer want to write more than reading something you want to read.

    At least that's my theory, and it works.

  2. I agree- it does work! Thanks, Martin!