Monday, March 30, 2009

March 30

I've been asked when I thought I would hear from the editor of the book I just sent in. That question always makes me smile. I still haven't heard anything from a full book request I sent in last May to Dorechester. Some editors can take up to three years to look at a book. I usually bug them at the year mark and the 18th month mark then write the book off as rejected at the 2 year mark.

But the most recent publisher is Harlequin. They are very good at timely rejections. I know that they like to get things off their desk before the big Romance Writers of America conference in mid July. So, I will most likely hear the end of June or early July. Quick in terms of the publishing business.

Meanwhile I do have another book to write-the second partial I sent off in January and I'm playing with revisions on the book I wrote last Spring-this book is out to 8 different editors. Sure it's great if you don't have to write on spec (without a contract) but when attempting to move into larger markets or new publishers it's not always possible.

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  1. Heh. Publishing seems to be all about the waiting. You know it's bad when a pass is actually a relief.