Thursday, July 2, 2009

July 2

I'm so far behind on reading blogs I may never catch up. It's interesting to me that when I read blogs regularly and comment, people comment in return-thank you- and if I let that slip, then my blog ranking also slips. This is a good thing. Blogging should be a friendship--a partnership--a two way street. That's why I switched from the simple entries that I use to make to blogspot where you can comment. It creates dialog and a chance to interact.

As a marketing tool, I think blogging takes too much time and effort. Very little bang for your buck. But as a way to build a community-that is where blogging is good. It allows you to feel a part of something even if you find yourself very much alone in your little room...staring out your window.

But, as I said, blogging is a two way street. I will try to do better to hold up my end of the bargain. Let me start by thanking you for reading and participating in our friendship. Cheers!


  1. Nancy, I have always admired your succinet daily style, it speaks to me of focus and discipline - which is necessary for a successful writer. Cheers!

  2. Nancy - I think all bloggers (Well, this blogger in particular) find it difficult to sustain a constant stream of comments; it's such a fast growing social network that it really is overwhelming...and when life itself becomes overwhelming (as it inevitably does for all of us at times) I think blogging is one of the first activities to be abandoned on the roadside. Sometimes 24 hours in the day are not enough! And as linking up with lovely fellow bloggers is a joy, letting that go in favour of other priorities *is* hard. :(:(

    I think Marty is correct - your discipline in keeping up the daily blogging is an admirable quality!!

  3. Hi Ann, *waves*

    I agree, it is a joy to follow fellow bloggers and hard to let it go when life gets in the way. Good marketing or not, I enjoy the blogging community and hope to never have to give it up for long. cheers!