Tuesday, July 7, 2009

July 7

Our air conditioner died Saturday night. We waited until Monday to call the repair man, who arrived at his leisure and determined that it was the mother board. Which he didn't have and his supplier was out of. So he special ordered it. There is hope it will arrive this afternoon and the repairman will return today and finish the repair. Meanwhile we are thankful for the relative coolness of the weather...windows wide open...fans running...cool baths... ice cream...allergy medications and a healthy appreciation for modern 21st century living environments. :)

Time travel? Are you nuts? They wore a lot of clothing and had no air conditioning...ugh...no a/c and wearing a corset. I don't think so...LOL.



  1. When all else FAILS ice cream ALWAYS comes to the rescue.

  2. Nancy, I believe it was a lack of air conditioning coupled with those heavy clothes that kept people moving west, where there's little to no humidity...

    And I sympathize - we had to get a whole new unit the first weekend of summer weather in May. Yuck!

    L. Diane Wolfe

  3. No wonder why there's so much swooning in all those Regency Romance novels.

    And strange coincidence. I read on Wikipedia today that ice cream was invented in the 17th Century. What DID people do back than? Yikes.