Friday, July 31, 2009

July 31st

Wow- spent the morning making announcements that my book, Mr. Charming releases today! And have been suitably frustrated by various website and blogger glitches that won't let me post. Sigh. Yes, I know, I should have started this yesterday, but between cold medicine and a storm front. It didn't happen.

So... I am happy to announce Mr. Charming is available in e-format and paperback. Just click on the link below. Cheers!

Buy here:


  1. Happy release day! Congratulations!

  2. Yay!!! I'm so glad "Mr. Charming" is finally here. Feels like I've been waiting forever to get charmed by this story. Congrats, Nancy.

  3. Congratulations Nancy! I hope you get to feeling better soon...