Thursday, July 23, 2009

July 23

A friend of mine recently lost her computer to a hard drive crash. She lamented the lack of recent backup. On another writer's loop they discussed on-line back up storage. Some pay for it. Some are free if you don't have much to store. I back up my work on flash drives these days. My son asked me the other day if I still had copies of all the books I've written. I do... some hard copies, some still on those small A drive discs... LOL.

One friend said she had more than 2G she needed to store and paid for unlimited on-line back up. Another friend swore she was getting an external hard drive.

I scratch my head... what do you back up? I back up my stories. (Even with all my work I don't have more than 2G) Otherwise I have hard copies of query letters- and hard copies of charts of who and what went where. I suppose you could back up photos...I did store those online until they started charging for the pleasure...

Let me know what you back up and where- I'm curious... :)


  1. I back up EVERYTHING that is on my computer!

    I have two computers on my desk, and I occasionally update the old one. But once a week, I back up everything on my external hard drive. That's Word files, PhotoShop, Adobe, etc. Plus really important stuff, like my books, I back up once a month on a CD. And photos are also uploaded to WinkFlash for printing, so I've got a lot stored there. (I've probably 10,000+ images on my computer!)

    Let's just say I'm a little paranoid. I don't want to lose anything!

    L. Diane Wolfe

  2. I always email my important stuff to myself. That way it's always there if I need it.

  3. I back up my work on a flash drive and then e-mail it to myself. Then I have two versions just in case one of those has a tech meltdown. I guess I am just cheap and don't want to pay someone to do the job for me:)

    Joelle Charbonneau

  4. I did the e-mail thing just yesterday- LOL Guess I'm cheap, too!

    L. Diane- I've seen your photos- and I understand why you have them stored and back up!

  5. I've taken to doing my work on Google Docs. The benefit for me is not having to email files around when I'm switching to the laptop. It also gives me a backup that I can access from any computer.