Saturday, July 4, 2009

July 4

Happy Independence Day everyone! Lots of fireworks yesterday and today. Picnics and boating and fishing- never mind that it's very cool and overcast and spitting rain. *smile* We are a hearty bred. Aren't we?

Someone on Facebook asked me what nationality I was- I laughed and wrote, "I am an American." Which works even if I decide to immigrate to Canada...(That's another story.) Over all, I think it's great to be an American mutt - (English, Irish, Scots, Welsh, Dutch, Polish, Croatian...mutt) It is a great example of how everyone can live together and get along.



  1. Happy Indepence Day, Nancy! *waves*

  2. Nancy,
    I just got the C-N newsletter via email and read your feature story... It was lovely and, of course, frustrating (the way the industry works, not the writing :). I didn't have either the skill or the courage to write a book at 21, not even one I wanted to shove under the bed later. It took me a decade more before I could manage even that, so you continue to inspire me... Glad you've persevered through all of these challenges. I'm looking forward to Mr. Charming this month!
    Hope your Independence Day was wonderful :).

  3. Hi Marilyn,

    Thanks! *blush* I wrote the article a bit tongue in cheek-but it's all true.

    Can't wait for your book release!!