Monday, February 1, 2010

Feb. 1

It's a busy Monday. How was your weekend? Do you have any crazy full moon stories? They say that this past weekend held a Wolf Moon. A Wolf Moon means that the full moon was closest to the earth and therefore largest. My weekend was busy but the craziest thing that happened was I had a tire crack probably from a pot hole and had to get two new tires. I don't think that had anything to do with the moon. It was lovely to see. Happy Monday!


  1. Out full, wolf moon cast some beautiful light on our snow & ice!

    Only crazy thing is I stayed home all weekend. Even our church was cancelled due to the ice. I haven't left the house since Thursday!

  2. That would make a neat story though; the wolf moon coming down and causing mischieif like expressing himself on your tire (typical dog) and making it crack!

  3. L. Diane, welcome to winter. :) Hope things thaw for you soon, though. It's only good in small doses.

    Linda, lol- great story idea. Welcome to your baby month!

  4. I love that Wolf Moon story. I remember commenting that it was a massive moon. You feel you can almost reach up and touch it. I was visiting a blog last week and read about an idea that manuscripts are best submitted when the moon is waxing, just before a full moon and not when it was waning (hope I've got that the right way round and apologies but I can't remember who had written about it.) Anyway I'd just sent a ms off and the moon was still growing so I'm keeping everything crossed and if, just if, it works then I know what part of the month my manuscripts will be going out in future.