Friday, February 19, 2010

Feb. 19

I'm out of the office today-which means I'm writing this on public wifi. I find it so much fun to get out some days and people watch. People are far more interesting and resilient than you think. Working in a different atmosphere can spark new thoughts and interesting ideas. Sometimes when you are stuck in a story it is best to get out of the house. If that isn't possible, try changing where you write. A change in scenery can make all the difference. What is your favorite place to go when you need a change of scenery?


  1. Change of scenery??? What's that?
    LOL I pretty much always write on my couch. So far I haven't felt like I needed a change. *crossing fingers* :)

  2. Sometimes you write more if you always write in the same spot. It's like your brain knows that this is where you write and stuff flows. :)