Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Feb. 10

Well, the car trouble turned out to be three holes in the radiator and the temp gauge was bad. Sigh. It's an old car but a trooper for us so we fixed it up. The snow kept falling. I went out this morning to blue skies and high winds and pushed the last six inches off the drive. We got close to 24 inches around our house. I think we live in a low spot. The little dog walks in the trails the big dog makes. The snow is over her head. :)
The snow plow happily pushed a ten foot drift onto the sidewalk in front of my house. We live at the end of a cul de sac and it all ends up in our yard. I wisely decided people would just have to go around the pile. I'm not attempting to shovel that. Besides there is no where to put the snow. The banks around my driveway are neck high and I can't throw it over any more. The snow simply slides down.
I want to share the coolest thing I saw this morning. In my neighbors apple tree are two bird nests. The nests were filled with snow about four inches over the top and the snow domed so the two nests looked like ice cream bowls sitting in the tree. Now that is cool, isn't it?
I must admit that I threw my back out shoveling the two foot heavy snow the plow pushed into the driveway. So I'm on muscle relaxers and pain pills. I hope this blog makes sense. :)
Stay safe everyone and have a happy Weds!


  1. Oh Nancy...I'm thinking a power snow blower is in your future...

    Hope you heal quickly!