Friday, February 26, 2010

Feb. 26

Today is the release day for my friend author Linda Kage's debut novel. It is a Young Adult novel title The Stilburrow Crush and available as a paperback or e-book from The Wild Rose Press. Congrats to Linda for seeing all her hard work pay off. I'll be posting an excerpt and interview on my Sunday blog this week.

Last night I read a great article about living in the moment. It is hard work to embrace your emotions, to care for yourself and to stop and think about right now. To think about how your feet are connected to the ground. How your seat is connected to the chair and your fingers to the computer keys. To breathe in and out and stop and think about what it means to breathe and to be alive. I think I'm going to add small bits of mindfulness to my Lenten journey. To help me understand that God is in the moment if we only take the time to notice. Cheers~


  1. Thank you for the great reminder.

    I've become blog friends with Linda and am doubly happy for her :O)

  2. Hi Destrella, thanks for stopping by. I will be giving away a copy of Linda's book to a random commenter on the Sunday blog - So be sure and stop by. Cheers~