Sunday, February 21, 2010

Feb. 21

This week I was awarded the Sunshine Supportive Commenter award by blogger L. Diane over at Spunk on a Stick's Tips. I want to thank her so much for the award and to share her blog with my readers. L. Diane writes YA, is an inspirational speaker, a wonderful photographer and a supportive guide in the world of writing. Her friends call her Spunky. I've learned a lot from her blog and enjoyed her Sunday Sillies as well as solid tips and links to other good blogs.

Part of a blog award is to pay it forward. I know that some bloggers aren't keen on awards and see them as chain letters. lol. But I want to recognize a few friends who are supportive commenters on my blog. Please take this award and add it to your blog if you are so inclined. A special thank you and blog award goes to:
Linda Kage
Heather Snow
Marilyn Brant
Jane Kennedy
Jessica Nelson
And to those who comment via e-mail:
Aunt Marnie, Mom and Dad, and my friends Brenda and Joelle.
Please forgive me if I left you out--I appreciate all my readers. Cheers!

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  1. Ooh, thank you! What a sweet award! I'm looking forward to passing it on. Thanks Nancy!