Saturday, February 27, 2010

Feb. 27

NYT bestselling author, Julie Garwood once told me that you aren't a writer unless you write everyday. I understand the logic behind this, but I tend to try too hard and over do things. So years ago I gave myself permission to take the weekends off from writing--unless I was under deadline. Example: if I got a request for a full or partial, revisions or galleys on Friday night. Then I'll work the weekend to get it out by Monday. This has worked for me for a long time.
Recently life has crowded my time and my breathing room. And so I have made the decision that starting Monday- March 1- I will only blog during the week. My goal is to stay away from the computer on the weekends as much as possible and tend to life. So, I will be moving my Sunday blog to Mondays and starting next weekend I will not post on Saturday and Sunday.
Time off is a good thing- even God rested on the 7th day.
My goal in doing this is to lessen the stress in my life, find more joy and make room for daydreams. I hope you continue to follow me during the week. Cheers~

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