Saturday, February 13, 2010

Feb. 13

Happy Birthday to my older brother, Pat. We're no longer twins~ (We are twins for nearly three weeks each year as I was born before his first birthday.) Pat is expecting to be a Grandpa any day now. So double congrats to him-much love and happy blessings.

I don't get to read all the blogs I like to any more- since I'm swamped with school work and such but I try to touch base once or twice a week. I have really enjoyed the blogs out there and worry that my blog is dull in comparison. I've read interviews with cool musicians, great book authors, reviews of movies--it seems people are out and about in the world. While I'm mostly in my office-thus the view from my window and the worlds I create in my head. I'll work harder not to be too dull. :) cheers!

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