Saturday, February 28, 2009

February 28

My lap top was moving slower and slower. I thought - oh, no. I should have this checked. But I put it off.

Last Spring, I heard about this business called PCwebdoc- (Run by a fellow writer's husband.) I heard about it on one of my writer loops. Everyone raved that all you had to do was call him and he would go into your computer via the internet and fix any virus, maleware, etc. So, I wrote down the address on my calendar - -

LAst Fall, a friend of mine had him work on her computer and raved that after three hours, her computer was lightening fast again. So I kept the address case.

Meanwhile my computer grew slower and slower. This month another friend of mine had her laptop crash so bad she tossed it down the garbage shoot. Bought a new one at the tune of $800-yikes! Now I am looking askance at my own frustratingly slow lap top...wondering if it was going to bite the dust on me after only two years... Still, I put off the lap top doc visit like I put off my own doc visit. What you don't know can't hurt you, right?

Then yesterday after two weeks of my web browser freezing randomly, the whole thing screamed. Big sign came up about log in error-I couldn't turn it off. Couldn't get anything to work. sigh... I had to take the battery out to shut it down.

Enough. I took a deep breath. Turned it back on. Went to the PCwebdoc website and made a phone call. Nice people. Happy to help. I let him into my computer and he checked it out before he did any work. He told me it did indeed need some help. (It was freaky to watch him take over my mouse pointer and go through my computers internal files. I could view everything he did on my screen.)

Three hours later, my computer was back in my hands. It runs so much faster- amazing. I skipped around the internet. So, I thought, it wasn't my service provider that was This is what DSL should be- Besides being faster I now have confidence that my lap top will live a long and healthy life and is immunized from viruses for another year. I highly recommend the service. You never have to leave home. Cool, huh?

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  1. Nancy, we're happy that we could help out! Too often people do wait TOO LONG to call us. guy did a complete restore of his system the other day...and wondered why he couldn't find all his photos on the computer. YIKES! It's because they were GONE!

    So, when in doubt, call us and ask a question. Question Answering is FREE. LOL.

    But I'm really glad that things are running better for you now, and that our service was helpful!