Friday, December 11, 2009

Dec. 11

I still have Christmas shopping to do. How about you? Are you one of those people who has all the gifts purchased by October? Or are you like me, searching through stores last minute? I have found I do more and more shopping on-line. It avoids the crowds. It's not as much fun as being able to pick something up and hold it when you purchase it, but it is kind of cool to get packages delivered. Books make great gifts and I know so many wonderful writers that books tend to be my favorite gifts to give. What are your favorite gifts?


  1. We shop a lot online! And we were a little late with gifts this year, but I believe we completed our purchases last night.

  2. I'm almost fully organised for this year's Christmas shopping, just two outstanding presents which I'll buy on Tuesday and then I'm done! :) This year we're all limiting what we spend on each other as a way to de-commercialize Christmas! Giving six books this year (out of ten presents!)

    (Five unique prizes from South Africa up for grabs in my blog's Christmas Contest)

  3. YAY, Ann, I'll head over there today!