Saturday, December 26, 2009

Dec. 26

Christmas is over and Saturday chores commence. There are big fat flakes of snow falling from the sky as if we were a snow globe that someone shook. There are deer trails in the snow going down to the edge of the lake for water. Tiny mouse or mole trails under the snow as well. It's clear they can't see where they are going as the tiny trail zigzags around the deer trail. All the geese are gone. The only birds are tiny finches that flit from snowy branch to snowy branch. It is after all the dead of winter.


  1. All the chores we chose to ignore on Christmas Day!

    There's two spots in the USA that are to be above 60 degrees today - Miami, FL and the coast of NC. Go figure!

    I hate NC weather...

  2. :) The snow is so thick here right now the small dog gets lost in it. Hope your day is bright!