Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dec. 3

It smells like snow, but we are lucky so far this year not to see the white stuff. I'm not big into shoveling. I'm working on writing blog posts for my January blog tour. I've been lucky to have a few wonderful bloggers agree to host me. Now, I'm not doing 49 blogs, not even close. Why? Its not because their aren't great review sites and bloggers out there, but because most of my friends will follow the tour and leave comments, and it isn't fair to them to send them to 49 different sites. I know, I know, it's all about exposure and the perception of being famous, but seriously, I'm into writing a good book more than tooting my own horn. If that means I'll be forever stuck in small press, then so be it. The stories will be passed down to my grandchildren and maybe even their children and so it's the work that matters, not the flash and dash of magazine ads, or trash and trinkets as bookmarks, postcards and pens are called. (Or maybe I'm wrong and it is all about who has the biggest fireworks display. shrug. If so, I accept and embrace my wrongness.)
I think the blogs I'm writing are fun. I hope come January you'll follow along. Cheers!

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  1. I'm definitely getting my ticket to hop on the train that's following the Nancy J. Parra Blog Tour! And thanks for not making us stop 49 places. 48 I might be able to handle, but 49? No way...Well, unless they have a bathroom and food at each place. Then I'm all set for as many blogs as you like!