Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dec. 8

Today there is snow. Small but steady flakes are falling from the sky. The lake has a thin coat of ice on the edges and that is covered with white stuff. They are talking up to ten inches. The big dog loves the snow. His black bits of coat turn white while he sits out in it and glories in the smells. The geese moved on a few days ago. They must have known the cold and snow were coming and decided to try a warmer clime. There isn't even any wind. Simply soft, silent snow. Will go out soon and push it from the walks and try to keep from having to move ten inches at once. Cheers!


  1. Sounds so beautiful. Wish I was there. Here, there is rain, but the rain is supposed to turn to ice and possibly snow. It's yucky. The people passing my window look miserable, hunched inside coats and under bookbags.

  2. Oh, enjoy! We are too far south for anything but a chilly day...

  3. Gray and sleeting here...fluffy snowflakes sound so much better!

    Stay warm! :)