Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dec. 2

The view from my window is a quiet sort of sunshine today. The lake ripples in pockets and is still in others. The geese are gone. No, wait, I spoke to soon. I can hear them in the distance. It makes me smile but this time of year the lake is used as a coffee break spot on their way south. What I mean by that is they fly in around 9 or 1o a.m. in huge flocks, honking and whirring and splashing down. They stay for an hour, then as if on cue they all fly off to continue the journey. More come in around 3 pm. Stay a short time then fly off to where ever they spend the night. This coffee break activity lasts about a month. Then they are gone to parts unknown. In the spring they return but not in the same way. Perhaps they are in more of a hurry then to get to their nesting places. Who knows. Funny how we are all creatures of habit. cheers!


  1. Ah, so that's who has all my sunshine. It's so cloudy outside my window, the sky is whie...looks like it could start snowing any minute, though that's not in our forecast here.

  2. Sounds so lovely and serene...

    I'm thinking you should snap a pic of the view from your window. I'd love to see it :)