Sunday, December 6, 2009

Dec. 6

My son goes home today. Sadness. But I am happy to watch him build his own life and become more than a boy in my house.
On a happier note, I am meeting with a group of lovely writers today. Being with them for a few hours will help take the sting off the day. Friends and family are the most valuable things in life. I hope your day is filled with both!


  1. is there anyway to let aaron d. meyers of the 34th i.d. know that the women of curves northshore, knoxville, tn sent him three huge boxes of lotions, shampoos, cookies, candles and candy and popcorn for the lady soldiers. the three boxes were mailed yesterday from knoxville, tn by priority mail. thanks, toni williams.

  2. You know, since becoming pregnant, I really can sympathize with you about missing your son. I'm already distressed about the fact that I'm going to be away from my baby eight hours for work every day after she's born. I really like having her here with me all the time and feeling every little movement she makes.

    Yikes, I'm going to be one of those over protective parents, aren't I?

  3. Hi Linda,

    :) Every stage is tough and filled with joy! I was in the military when I had my daughter. I cried every day I had to leave her and I was working 12 hour shifts. But the baby knows you love them and that they are yours. They carry that in their hearts. It's a comfort to know that.

  4. That is a comfort to know. Thank you.