Sunday, December 27, 2009

Dec. 27

I had to take the Christmas tree down yesterday. The poor thing died an early death this year. It was very brown and by the time we got the ornaments and lights off most of the needles were on the carpet and tree skirt. Still is was fragrant to the end, smelling of pine and outdoors. The remaining bits of the tree will go out to be recycled for mulch for the local gardens. It was a good tree that added oxygen to the air while it grew. It nurtured birds and bugs and small mammals while it reached out it's branches to the sky. Then it was cut down, bringing the farmer income and stimulating the economy. When put up in my house, it warmed and comforted us with it's twinkling lights and decorations. It's bright smell filled my home for a full month. Now the recycled remains will go to nurturing other trees and bushes. I think all in all the tree is a perfect example of living a life rich in purpose and meaning. Cheers~

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