Monday, May 10, 2010

May 10

Happy Belated Mother's Day to all my friends. I hope your day was great. I spent mine doing yard work. It was nice to get outside in the sun and muck around in the garden for a bit.

Today is picture perfect from my window. The sky is a pale, pale blue. The lake is calm reflecting the greens, reds and yellows of the trees along the banks. The blue heron flies by at window height. They are huge birds and lovely to watch in motion. The red-winged black bird calls back and forth interrupted only by the sound of the robin. It is lovely from the window, but the weather man tells me it is chilly outside and indeed, my heater has turned on. So the warmth from the window is a fake out. The air threatens frost. Meanwhile I sit in the sun like a cat surrounded by the aroma of coffee from the mug next to me.

Happy Monday~ Cheers!


  1. We've had lots of orioles flying around our area lately. I bought my mother in law an oriole (hope I'm spelling that right) feeder for Mom's Day.

  2. Wow, we don't have them here, but they are pretty birds.
    Hope you were safe in yesterday's tornadoes. Cheers~

  3. There have been a pair of doves sitting outside my window on the fencepost the past few days. They always make me happy...

    Now, as to the danged squirrel who ate the seat out of my son's high chair that I sat out on the deck to dry after washing it...he'd better look out!