Thursday, May 13, 2010

May 13

Deadline day for the MA program and I hit all my marks-whew. I've also finished the revisions on the western. All that needs to happen now is to read it through for continuity and then print it out. My goal is to mail if off tomorrow.
My daughter is studying earth science and talked to me about how scientists know that the other planets pull effects the earth depending on how far or near they are to us. That said, Astrology friends are happy to report that the tough Mercury retrograde is over as of the 11th and that things are going to pick up and cheer up now. So far they have been right. In the last two days one friend has sold her first book to a YA publisher, another announced that her books would be featured in People Magazine's Country edition and a third sold to a new and major publisher. Happy news all around. Goodness knows we could all use a little happy news right about now. Feel free to share any you may have. Cheers~


  1. Congrats on meeting all your goals, Nancy! And yay for happy news!

  2. Happy news has indeed been lacking of late. Good for you for moving forward w/your MA program and your writing. I've been wandering in the land of the unmotivated lately. Writing is such a feast or famine endeavor. ;-)

  3. Hi Talli, thanks and congrats on your latest release!

    Hi Debra, yes writing really is feast or famine. I'm all for more feasting in the next few months. :) Cheers~

  4. Congrats so much on hitting your marks...what a great accomplishment!